Both Economical and Quality

Special and Affordable Options.

Suitable for Every Style, Every Taste

Kuzeyhome is with you with hundreds of product types.

Easy and Quick to Apply

You Can Easily Apply Your Cover And Remove It Whenever You Wish.

Washable and Can Be Used For Many Years

You Can Use and Wash Your Product For Years Without Losing Its Elasticity.

A New Style and Enjoyment Everyday

With Regank Options and Models, Your Style Follows You.

Right Price and Quality

Our Vision

To meet the expectations of our customers at the highest rate and to provide a perfect service with our wide range of products that always provide the right price, quality and performance ratio.

Always Better ...

About Us

Our company Kuzey Home, which was established in 2015, was established to perform retail sales of home textile products, primarily chair covers and seat covers, in a customized and measured manner.

Different and Innovative Products

Our Mission

High quality and innovative, creating different products from one another both in Turkey and also to uluştur be loved by consumers of our products in the world and home textile products and to become the preferred company.

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Cash on Delivery Method

You can check and pay your products at the door with a transparent package.

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Correct Product Guarantee

One-to-one exchange or return for errors in the product you ordered.

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Live Support Line

You can consult us immediately for any problem you may have.

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